Frequently Asked Questions

neil smith the dandy dj smiling for the camera

Why Aren't Prices Listed?

Rates vary depending on factors such as the time of year, day / night of the week, how much travel is involved and the type of event . We do, in fact have a formula for calculating rates which take all of the above-mentioned factors into consideration, but the formula is a bit complicated to quickly and coherently explain and we don't want to make your head explode. Just drop us a line at and give as much information about your event as possible and you'll receive a very prompt response (often in just minutes, but certainly within a few hours) containing an overview of what we can offer along with pricing. 

How Long Have You Been In Business?

Neil Smith the Dandy DJ has been serving special events since his teenage years and went into business full-time for himself in 2005 offering live musician, band and dj services for weddings, events, casinos and special gatherings of most all types under the banner of Neil Smith Entertainment. Dandy DJ was born around 2008 and photo booth services were added around 2012.

Are You A Legally-Registered Business?

Yes! While there is no specific "license" that exists for this type of service, Dandy DJ is, in fact a legally-registered business  with Rutherford County, Tennessee and carries a Federal Tax ID Number.Dandy DJ has NEVER operated "below-the-table."

Do You Carry Insurance?

Yes! Dandy DJ and Photo Booth is fully insured with the Brown and Brown Insurance Agency which is the partner-insurer with the National Association of Mobile Entertainers (N.A.M.E.), We carry liability insurance in the amounts of  $1m per occurence and $2m aggregate which is an industry standard.

Why Can't I Find A Payment Page On Your Website?

We like to be very careful when taking payments to make absolutely sure they are attributed to the correct clients. Often times a family member or a friend will make a payment as a gift to the people being celebrated. Therefore, we prefer to generate an invoice for each payment so as not to receive any surprise "mystery payments" from people we don't recognize that often arrive with little-to-no explanation about the event the payment is intended for. It's all about keeping our ducks in a row and staying properly accountable to our clients!

Can I Pay Online?

Yes. In fact, this is the preferred method and makes it easy on all involved. When securing service, you are sent an invoice via the payment processor Square. The terms of the agreement are contained within the invoice and your initial payment constitutes acceptance of the terms. So read carefully to make sure everything is correct! (Don't worry, we keep things short and sweet).