Pick A Perfect Wedding DJ!

PICK A PERFECT WEDDING DJ is the ultimate “How-To” when it comes to choosing the right DJ for your special day!

* After reading, you’ll know what you don’t know about the different types of DJs and what makes one more suitable for a wedding than the others.

* You’ll learn what to look for and watch out for along with some golden litmus tests to figure out if the DJ you are considering is a “PRO” or a “NO!”

* Find out about the most common DISASTERS and SCAMS associated with Wedding DJs and how to avoid them!

* Know how to search, where to search and who to trust when seeking a referral.

* Discover how to save time (a lot of it!) and quickly thin your field of candidates down to a manageable handful of only the best!

* Explore whether or not you should personally meet with your field of potential DJs and what should occur at these meetings.

* Learn how venue logistics and your floor plan is essential to helping your DJ help YOU get the most out of their service!

* Determine why you would or would not want or need the DJ at the rehearsal depending upon your own unique set of circumstances.

* Journey through a wedding from ceremony to grand exit and learn what the DJ’s role in each portion should be, what you should be expecting and also some wedding day pitfalls you can avoid IF you plan correctly!

* Finally, you’ll learn how to fairly review your DJ online after the dust settles so that you can help others to know if the DJ YOU had, may be suitable for them!

Are you ready!? Come on and let’s PICK A PERFECT WEDDING DJ!