How To DJ The Wedding Like A Pro From Preparation To Grand Exit !

You’ve Been Asked To DJ Their Wedding!

“Now What!?”

Neil Smith the DANDY DJ has literally written the book on the art of being a professional-level Wedding DJ!


* Brides and Grooms – who want to know what a wedding dj actually does besides just play music and what they should expect from a professional. They may also be considering asking a friend or family member to DJ their wedding and wish to give this guide to them as a gift to make sure they know everything they should be taking care of on the big day.

* Someone Who Has Been Asked By A Friend or Family Member To DJ Their Wedding – You may enjoy DJ-ing as a hobby but maybe you have never done a wedding before and you really want to do your best! This book will guide you through everything you need to have, should be doing and exactly how to do it !

* A New DJ – You’re not quite sure what the ins-and-outs of a wedding are and would like to know where to focus and where to NOT focus your attention when trying to serve a wedding to the best of your abilities.

* The Club DJ Who Has Been Asked To DJ A Wedding – There are very big differences between DJ-ing clubs which generally focus on a very narrow demographic and DJ-ing a wedding which will typically have a very wide range of people from different ages and tastes in music. Also a wedding has a lot of different parts to the event which need special attention to be conducted in the correct way.