How to Hold Your Hootenanny Without A Hitch ! 

This is THE book on what you should know and prepare for when planning the perfect barn wedding!

* Learn what to look for when touring a barn venue to make sure it is going to suit your needs!

* Know how NOT to lose your deposits !

* Beat the bugs and discern how to deal with anything else nature decides to throw at you!

* Validate your vendors and choose the right ones for you!

* Figure the food out to make sure the meal’s a hit!

* Keep the Cake perfect until it’s time to cut!

* Balance the Beverage calculation just right!

* Manage the Music for the ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner hour and dancing the night away!

* Stay safe with electricity, fire, alcohol and other potential hazards!

* Sanitation sanity and how to keep it clean without losing your mind!

* DIY the decor and make your barn wedding dreams come true while reflecting YOU!

* Dress for barn wedding success!

* Wedding Insurance – You need it. Here’s why and how to get it. 

* Taming your timeline and giving your barn wedding a natural flow!

* What to do when your hootennany has halted!

… and much, much more!

You itchin’ to git yer hootennany on? Well c’mon y’all and let’s swing these doors open!